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Manuthera 242, The Most Versatile Treatment Machine In The World. First Time In Asia, Now In Chennai.

Manuthera 242, The most versatile Treatment Machine in the World. First Time In Asia, Now In Chennai at Krishna Health Centre.

Manuthera 242, First Time In Asia. Now in Chennai.

At Krishna Health Centre, Dr.K.BALA KUMARAN is treating patients using a specialist treatment table (Manuthera 242)  and seeing amazing results in his patients. As a manual therapy specialist Dr.K.BALA KUMARAN uses Manuthera 242, a unique treatment table for mobilisation and manipulation. Manuthera 242 is an all-in-one treatment table for demanding examination and treatment use by various manual therapists, such massage therapies, sports massage therapies and physio-therapies. Manuthera 242 takes the therapist’s work to a new level and supports countless treatment and diagnosis methods thanks to its patented operation system based on two synchronized motors, unique multi-traction features and various other functionalities, as well as its structure.

The patient can be moved to therapeutic and anatomical key positions smoothly and quietly. Mobility treatment can be carried out 3-dimensionally using the traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation features of the table, as well as gravity. The table design, twin motor system and the frame with bearings in all moving parts enhance the ergonomics of the therapist’s work and make it less burdening, which enables even better treatment results.

Dr.K.Bala Kumaran goes extra mile to provide latest facilities to provide the best treatment in the World for his patients. At Krishna Health Centre we have been using this specialist treatment table for patients and seeing amazing results.

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