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BSC- Therapy

BSC-Therapy (Brain Software Correction) is an advanced non-invasive Cranial manipulation and Cranial Osteopathy treatment to the Brain with “Feather Touch Technology” , treating Autonomic Nervous System/ Autonomic Disorders.


-CSF block in the Brain
-CSF impaired flow
-Brain Detoxification
-Brain Fog
-Visual impaired
-Sudden Blindness
-Hearing problem
-Chronic Stress /Allostatic load
-Shortness of breath (at rest or during effort) i.e; Dyspnea
-Impaired concentration
-Memory/concentration problems
-pins and needles
-Heart palpitations
-Chest pain/tightness
-Unfocused or cloudy thinking
-Abnormal tiredness
-Gastrointestinal problems
-Insomnia or sleepiness
-Low energy
-Emotional withdrawal
-depression and anxiety
-Autonomic Dysfunction
-Autonomic neuropathy

The mentioned symptoms, including impaired CSF flow, brain detoxification issues, cognitive impairments like brain fog, as well as sensory and autonomic dysfunctions such as visual and hearing problems, dysautonomia, and emotional issues like anxiety and depression, are treated through Brain Software Correction(BSC) therapy. This therapeutic approach aims to address a range of neurological and psychological symptoms, promoting improved brain function and overall well-being.

In summary, BSC-Therapy combines the principles of Cranial Manipulation and Cranial Osteopathy, utilizing Feather Touch Technology to provide a non-invasive and precise approach to treating the brain. By focusing on the autonomic nervous system, it aims to bring about positive changes in various physical and emotional symptoms associated with neurological and autonomic disorders.